A Brief History...

While studying at the Royal Scottish

Academy of Music and Drama, I, like many of

my fellow students got fed up paying vast

amounts of money for a tool that is very

cheap to produce!

This ideology of producing quality products, at a sensible price, has led me to design my current range of sticks. Along the way there have been many prototypes while I experimented with different materials and production methods.

The final results of this extensive research are now being used by leading professionals and amateurs alike.

The Sticks...

All my sticks are hand crafted from the finest materials and are priced at the very reasonable amount of £30 a pair.

If after looking through the product page you can’t find what you are after, please do not worry. The luxury of hand crafted sticks is that I can design one for your specific needs, at no further cost!


My shafts are hand crafted from the finest Tonkin Bamboo. They undergo a rigorous sanding process and are coated in hard wax oil. You can specify the exact diameter, length and weight of your pair of sticks, as well as the colour. All sticks are ‘notch’ matched to ensure balance and strength throughout the shaft.


I offer both wood and cork cores, in either wheel or ball form. Each core is drilled for its specific shaft, allowing precise pairing and weighting. My cores come in sizes of 25mm and 30mm diameters. Custom sizes are available on request.


I use the finest quality German felt. It is applied to the core in layers of 2, 3 or 4 grades using tried and tested methods to ensure a long and productive life. Custom felt and leather sizes can be produced for specific timpani head types i.e. Calf. This can be attached in layers or as a solid piece.

2 Grades = 2mm’s of Felt

3 Grades = 4mm’s of Felt

4 Grades = 6mm’s of Felt


All my sticks use a logical and easy to read labelling system, so when the pressure is on, you remain calm.

The labels are designed to give you four pieces of information:

  1. 1.The core material.

  2. 2.The core size.

  3. 3.The core shape.

  4. 4.The amount of felt.

For example:   

W30B4 = Wooden Core / 30mm / Ball / 4 Layers of Felt


C25B2 = Cork Core / 25mm / Ball / 2 Layers of Felt

My labels also use a colour coded system to aid in identification:

Professional Timpani Stick Labels


I am proud to announce the following musicians use C.W.Edwards Professional Timpani Sticks:

Gordon Rigby - Principal Timpani BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Heather Corbett - Principal Percussion BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Dave Lyons - Sub Principal Percussion BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

David Openshaw - Principal Timpani Ulster Orchestra

Kate Openshaw - Principal Timpani Camerata Ireland & Freelancer

Elspeth Rose - Former Percussion RSNO

Martin Gibson - Principal Timpani RSNO & Timpani Professor RSAMD (Refelting)

June Binnie - Principal Timpani Jyvaskyla Sinfonia (Refelting)

RSAMD, RCM & RNCM - Junior & Senior Students

Scottish Local Education Authorities

C.W.Edwards Professional Timpani Sticks

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